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01:14pm 17/03/2010
 So totally spent about 2-3 hours outside today in the sun and have the start of what will become the best tan ever! Cause normally I don't spend much time outside during the summer but I think this year I'll beat my tan from last year.   Especially because this year my tan will all be from me doing stuff outside and not from burning myself to a crisp sitting on the sandy beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico for like 40 mins.  Oops lol.  That psych test I was worried about I actually surprisingly did really well in so I'm excited on many levels.  Now I have to sit down and write my environment essay which might be a little harder now that I am so giddy and excited :D
mood: giddygiddy
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08:18pm 17/03/2010 (UTC)
a.  ツ
fuuu fuuu fuuuu
all i want to do is read TTW and not do this paper.
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08:36pm 17/03/2010 (UTC)
I KNOW!!! I hate being so into the book and then blam do this paper argh!
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