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08:47pm 06/05/2011
So I've been on summer break for a few weeks already and it feels great! I've been volunteering, trying to find a job, do some notes for my online class, and relax. But since my day is mainly taken up by volunteering which I love it's very hard to find some time to work on stuff for my online class. This journal is going to be short as I am almost asleep and am slowly running out of things to say as even though it is summer I have nothing important to talk about.
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01:08pm 26/02/2011
Well I am excited and it's not what people would expect.  I am excited because I am finally making a dent in a paper I've been meaning to write all week.  15-20 pages is a lot of writing even with maps and charts so I am so glad I have finally worked on it.  

I am also excited as the weather is supposed to warm up tomorrow! I know it's super lame to talk about the weather and it hasn't bothered me in awhile but I'm so glad it's going to warm up even for just sunday and monday like I believe its going to.  There has been a roller coaster of weather this week but none of it has really affected me.  The worst that has happened was two days of snow but by the time I needed to go somewhere it was no problem at all!  

So my life has been pretty boring recently with school and stuff so I'm pretty much running out of things to talk about in this journal trying to make it a little longer.
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Reading week  
05:43pm 25/02/2011
As reading week is drawing to a close as I only have the weekend left to enjoy being home and relaxing taking time to do school work.  I haven't accomplished everything that I wanted to do this week such as read a lot.  But I have read a fair amount of Jane Eyre and cannot wait to finish the book.  I feel like I've been home for a month and haven't accomplished a lot but I know I have.  

This week has also brought back a lot of emotion and thoughts about the past.  In terms of schooling and family.  I think it may have affected my focus on school work as every time I try and work I end up thinking about something else.  It makes writing papers really difficult.

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01:56pm 06/11/2010
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03:07pm 24/04/2010
So I don't know why I was all excited for summer.   It really is a lot more boring then I thought it would be.  Wish I had more to do, but everyone is either working or busy :( So this is just going to be a short journal like this and not very interesting.  You would think with all the boredom I'd be on here more but nope not because i dont want to but because I don't think about it.  My bad.  I'm determined to get back to normal and visit everyday.
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03:02pm 10/04/2010
Well if you couldn't tell I am in a very good mood.  First off I managed to get through the week with psych, enviro and spring cleaning.  Spring cleaning only took a day luckily not even just a few hours it went a lot faster then I thought it would.  Once i figured out where everything was going I was set.  But man do I have a lot of books.  I should count it out one day and see how many I actually have cause I have a feeling it could be close to a couple hundred.  wow thats a lot of books.  I've been watching Dexter non stop at night during the day there is too much of a glare on the tv to watch anything worth watching.  

There is my ramble for the day.
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(no subject)  
05:05pm 05/04/2010
So today I had to do my last behaviour modification psych test ever woot woot.  So glad that is done and over with I cannot believe I survived that class was sooo boring.  Well anyways I started to watch who killed the electric car today cause I didn't watch it in class well it turns out I didn't need to watch it in class.  Why you may ask?  Cause I watched it in Economics in my fifth year of HS.  The reason I know this?  Well because when I started to watch it I was like I recognize that font, I recognize that chick, why is my butt sore?  OH cause I watched it in economics and we were in the physics lab for some reason and we sat on stools so my butt was always numb lol.  Such a stupid movie even back then.  So I am just researching the info and going with that and hopefully its right I mean it can only be for a few questions anyway not too much.  So glad school is almost over.  Environment on thursday and then I'm home free for a week.

Well not really as I have to completely spring clean my room on friday with my mom which includes removing everything in my room.  Well if you've seen my room you know that is no easy task.  Cause I have to put all my books and dvds in boxes which could take a long time in and of itself.  Well I guess it's gotta be done at some point and I was planning on reorganizing anyway....

Another reason I can't wait for school to be over cause of Dexter and I want to read.  So I got hooked on Dexter it was only a matter of time I seem to try and watch almost every show at one point.  I mean in february I got addicted to Big Love, so Dexter works too.  Man I can't wait to watch them both more cause Dexter I can only watch a few times within a week now.  Big Love I need to borrow the seasons of :( and I haven't gotten them yet.

Well there are my ramblings for today... Hopefully I will have more time now for more commenting and journals with school pretty much finito for another year :)
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Boring is the word to describe my life  
01:05pm 25/03/2010
Well the title sums it all up for you there folks lol.  My life is boring cause I have two papers due next week and I'm not working on them right now and I should be cause they are annoying.  Well psych I will work on later because once I figure out how to get started I will be fine and for english I am just going to get the info tomorrow and work on it on the weekend for a bit and hopefully finish psych on the saturday and shakespeare on the sunday that would make my life awesome cause wednesday I have a last test.  Wow my life just seems so boring why is it so boring? oh yeah school which is almost over I can't believe another year is almost over.  It's going by so fast and thats all folks. 
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01:14pm 17/03/2010
 So totally spent about 2-3 hours outside today in the sun and have the start of what will become the best tan ever! Cause normally I don't spend much time outside during the summer but I think this year I'll beat my tan from last year.   Especially because this year my tan will all be from me doing stuff outside and not from burning myself to a crisp sitting on the sandy beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico for like 40 mins.  Oops lol.  That psych test I was worried about I actually surprisingly did really well in so I'm excited on many levels.  Now I have to sit down and write my environment essay which might be a little harder now that I am so giddy and excited :D
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01:31pm 16/03/2010
Eventually I need to go but it's so hard to gooooo.   I have to do papers man i don't want to write them.  I'll just write them tonight I think even though I'll feel guilty about not doing them now and regret spending all this time not doing them.  But it's so hard to write them and my charger is downstairs which makes me even more not want to do it cause i'll get started and my computer will die.  That's it i'm not doing them until later.   I will force myself of doing it. I do not want to be procrastinating on this to much longer with three papers to write.
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