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Whole lot of Nothing  
08:47pm 15/03/2010
So today I managed to accomplish two things on my list of things to do today.  The reason being I just did not feel like doing any of it.  Right now all I want to watch is Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.  Yet another thing to add to my list of things to watch.  Along with figuring out what episode of friends I want to watch.  Ahh three classes tomorrow I do not want to go to any of them not at all.  So yeah my mood today is blah like my whole day nothing really exciting happened that I can think of.  It's just been a pretty normal boring day.
mood: blahblah
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01:31am 15/03/2010
So its one thirty in the morning and I am now wide awake earlier I was so tired I thought I could sleep funny how looking around here can change your mood in an instant.  So anyways I was looking through the mood things and I came across the full one which I am but its the episode where Rachel makes the trifle into half an english trifle and have shepherds pie, so to Ross it takes like feet and to Joey its good.  Man I want to watch that episode really badly but I don't know if I have it on my discs here.  I should really look it up so that I can watch it cause like I stated earlier I really want to watch it.  That and I want to watch the episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon does his whole Bazinga in the ball pit that just cracks me up for days.  That whole show does.  Thats about it for right now...
mood: fullfull
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05:19pm 14/03/2010
For once went to the mall and did not buy a thing.  The stores I wanted to go to didn't have exactly what I wanted or I just didn't feel like paying for it even though I really wanted the book.  So in love with the Big Bang Theory.  it keeps getting better every time I watch it.  AHHHH I suck at coming up with things to say right now.

School is killing me ever so slowly.  My eyes hurt, I am so tired I cannot believe how tired I am but it may have to do with the fact that I had half a restaurante pizza and some risotto for dinner bad combination if you want to stay awake let me tell you that.

Funny thing happened earlier though this squirrel was upside down on a telephone pole doing a spread eagle to stay in place but was just chilling there eating.  Managed to get a picture of it on my cell, when I went outside to try and get a closer look the squirrel moved of course.  It only moved to the top of the pole and sat near the end of the wires.  The things that happen here I tell you sometimes are weird.  Like it just sounded like some guy honked his horn and yelled profanities at someone else.  Sometimes I really don't understand.  As I sit here and type this my eyes slowly close more and more and this is not good have to go back to enviro paper and psych notes aahhh I don't want to don't make me please don't make me!  But alas I have to as without either I may be screwed lol.  
mood: exhaustedexhausted
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01:58pm 12/03/2010
Woop woop its the weekend!

Got three papers to write, no tests for two weeks.  It'll be a good weekend cause tonight I am not doing a thing.  Yet another boring journal cause right now I have absolutely nothing to say.  Blah.  Thats what I have to say Blah.  I was excited for the weekend and don't get me wrong I still am I am just now really really tired so its sorta a drag.
mood: giddygiddy
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Almost the Weekend!  
12:06pm 11/03/2010
Almost the weekend just two more days woot woot

So today is going to be boring for classes :(

Not fun at all.  Next week in my environment class we are going to watch who killed the electric car?  really? who killed the electric car? Omg now im kind of curious even though I'm pretty sure I learned it last year.

This journal is not going to be funny i don't think unless I can think of something funny.  Hm... Can I?  Can I?

Nope I guess not this one.. such a pointless journal hmmm... can I think of something interesting to say?

Not this time either shoot.  I guess I'll just stop.
mood: contentcontent
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06:22pm 10/03/2010
Behaviour Modification is ruining my life and any saneness I have left in my head.  Argh.  Like I said previously april cannot come fast enough for my taste.  Any finer things in life right now you might ask?  Well... not really lol no seriously maybe just the fact that the weekend is almost here cause we are almost done hump day so that means that when the weekend comes I can sleep in and do homework WHAT FUN! not lol well the sleeping in part is the homework not so much not that its ever fun well sometimes it is cause its an easy assignment or the assignment could be actually interesting I mean some of the assignments are interesting some of them not so much.  The only thing that sucks is the distractions on the internet cause I have to do them on my laptop where am i going with this long ass ramble? I have no idea actually so I'm just going to end it here.

or here.

    or maybe even here?

Where oh were is the ending spot where oh where can it be?

Oh yes all the way down here.
mood: sillysilly
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11:19pm 09/03/2010
Psych test tomorrow.  this psych class is the root of all things evil.  Its making me hate psych ahhhh.
mood: scaredscared
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10:41pm 08/03/2010
Trying to figure some things out and along with this trying to figure some things out in life too.  School is getting out of hand, cannot wait to be done in about a month.  The change from doing schoolwork to looking for a job will be a good thing cause the stress i no longer feel keeps popping up and I don't know where it is coming from.  Also my neighbours are really annoying cause I can hear them through the wall of my room some nights cause its a two house building like two completely different houses just sharing one common wall which unfortunately is not that thick.  I wish I knew more things to do with this so it isn't so plain.
mood: annoyedannoyed
music: Kings of Leon
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