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01:08pm 26/02/2011
Well I am excited and it's not what people would expect.  I am excited because I am finally making a dent in a paper I've been meaning to write all week.  15-20 pages is a lot of writing even with maps and charts so I am so glad I have finally worked on it.  

I am also excited as the weather is supposed to warm up tomorrow! I know it's super lame to talk about the weather and it hasn't bothered me in awhile but I'm so glad it's going to warm up even for just sunday and monday like I believe its going to.  There has been a roller coaster of weather this week but none of it has really affected me.  The worst that has happened was two days of snow but by the time I needed to go somewhere it was no problem at all!  

So my life has been pretty boring recently with school and stuff so I'm pretty much running out of things to talk about in this journal trying to make it a little longer.
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