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01:56pm 06/11/2010
The first little bit of my story from NaNoWriMo. It's not that good or anything so bear with me on that.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve it or anything comment. I appreciate all help

The waves were lapping at her feet as Allison walked along the shore. The moonlight was lighting up the waves in the most welcoming way, so Allison fully clothed jumped into the inviting water. Instead of being inviting the water was cold and unwelcoming, but as she swam out further and dove deeper she got used to the temperature. This was the perfect way for Allison to get away from her life. The life she always thought she wanted. To everyone else it seemed perfect but to Allison it was torture. She didn’t want to be married to a successful doctor anymore. She was tired of the late hours at the hospital or the way he was so distant with her.

She had enough with swimming now too. She swam to the shore shook off like a dog and wrung her hair out. Walking back to the car she realized she didn’t care if she dripped all over the seats.

“It’s his fault he got me to pick up his car from the shop today while he was at work. He can deal with the mess.” She said to no one in particular. As Allison got into the bright red sports car she realized this was Dominic’s solution to a mid life crisis she didn’t realize he even had.

As she drove home, the radio kept playing songs that reminded her of Dominic, the song they first danced to at their wedding “Chariot” by Gavin DeGraw, “Baba O’Reilly” by the Who that reminded her of the first concert they went to together. Alison did not need this right now, not when she was angry, she didn’t need these good memories coming back to haunt her. Flipping the station did not prove to make her ride home any more enjoyable and flipping off the radio station did not help it made the ride seem long and lonesome. The way she did not want her life to turn out, when she was only still young.

A short while later Allison was passing by an old burger shop she used to frequent when she was in high school with her group of friends. Instead of driving past like she used to do in the past she decided to venture in to see if the place has changed at all. The second she walked in she was brought back to her glory days of high school where she had the clothes anyone could imagine but now wouldn’t be caught wearing. She walked to a booth near the back of the shop and sat down. Allison realized that this was the booth she just to sit at all those years ago.

A waitress brought over a menu and Allison was thankful that the menu had at least changed she had enough of remembering her glory days even though she was part of the popular crowd.

Allison ordered a cheeseburger and fries with a chocolate milkshake. At this present moment in time she wasn’t worried about her weight or how many calories she was consuming. She needed comfort food and she needed it now. Finally getting a moment to look around the shop she realized that the place was empty. The waitress had gone back to cleaning counters and refilling salt and pepper shakers. There was a forgotten jukebox in the one corner so Allison decided to investigate, putting a quarter in she found a song that reminded her of the good old days where she didn’t have to worry about her marriage, past boyfriends or any other bad memory. Walking back to the table she passed the waitress who said her food should be up in a few minutes. Allison thanked her and continued on to the table. Upon sitting down Allison realized she didn’t want to sit here any longer even though she used to love this place.

Allison called over the waitress “Is there any chance I can get my food to go?”

“Sure thing hun, is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No thanks I think just my food when it’s ready.”

After a few more minutes of sitting there Allison’s food was ready, so she took it to the car making sure to spill a bit of the shake on the seat. The rest of the drive home went pretty quickly this time for Allison, who arrived at a surprisingly dark house. Getting out of the car and walking up to the drive Allison got a different vibe from the walk then she normally did. Something felt off to her and she couldn’t figure out what it was. It wasn’t until she opened the front door until she realized what it was. There were pieces of furniture missing and when Allison opened the front hall closest all of Dominic’s belongings were missing.

“That bastard!” she screamed into the house. Allison couldn’t believe her eyes that Dominic beat her to the punch of leaving.

Walking to the kitchen she saw a note on the table.

Neatly written on it

“I’m sorry, I cannot do this anymore.”

Allison lifted up the piece of paper and tore it into shreds while yelling “CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE I’LL SHOW HIM WHO CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE. IF HE THINKS HE IS GOING TO WIN HE HAS NOT SEEN WHAT I CAN DO!”

With that Allison ran up the stairs to the bedroom to make sure she still had her engagement ring and wedding ring. Not that she wanted to keep it anymore so that she could sell the engagement ring and throw the wedding band back in his face. When she opened her jewelry box not only were neither rings there but so was the necklace her mother gave her when she turned 16, her class rings from both high school and university and everything else she had bought over her lifetime.

With every second Allison was growing more and more frustrated with Dominic and could not figure out why he was doing this to her. It made no sense at all, why after all these years did he pick now? Allison knew she wanted to leave but she had a good reason he was always gone and distant, Allison tried very hard to be the loving wife he needed and she thought he deserved. After all these years what did she get a letter on the table and all her favorite pieces of jewelry missing.

Finally finding the power to do something about this she called her best friend Jessica, who picked up on the third ring. “You’ll never guess what Dominic did tonight.”

Allison was not expecting what she heard next. “Move all his stuff out of your place?”

“How did you know?”

“I helped him of course, you didn’t think he would stay with you forever did you?”

“Well yes but I always thought I would be the one to leave him and you still haven’t answered my question how do you know he left me?”

“Cause he is here that is why! And before you go making any assumptions about an affair let me just say this right now they are false.”

“Well then why are you helping him in this situation and not me you’re my best friend.”

“Yes but I have been friends with him longer so I thought I owed it to him to help him out and give him a place to stay until he figured out a place to live.”

“Thanks for helping him out of my life I really appreciate it. I hope you find someone nice to become your new best friend cause I don’t want to have anything to do with someone who doesn’t even care about me. Have a nice life.” With that Allison hung up the phone not even caring that she could hear Jessica talking on the other end.

Since at this moment in time sleep was not an option Allison decided to take a bubble bath in the Jacuzzi they had just installed six months ago into now her newly redone master bathroom. Turning on the taps to fill the Jacuzzi Allison couldn’t wait to get out of her now damp clothes. So that is exactly what she did, and with every article of clothing that came off she felt a little bit better. Before she was about to turn the tap off she realized she forgot to put the bath salts and bubbles in. Walking towards the vanity she hoped he didn’t take them with him to use with a new girlfriend. Upon opening the cupboard door she found all the bath salts and bubbles exactly where she left them. Now her only choice was deciding between lavender, lilac or roses. She decided to go with lavender in hopes it would relax her into a gentle sleep.

Stepping into the Jacuzzi and laying down into the soapy water felt good to Allison. With every second being in the water she could feel the anger and frustration she had felt for the past two hours disappear. After ten minutes passed she heard a loud banging at the door. Allison did not want to get up to answer it so she ignored it but the banging did not subside. Feeling her anger return this time angry at whoever was banging on the door she lifted herself out of the Jacuzzi and into the housecoat she had hanging on the back of the door.

Allison made her way slowly down to the front door figuring whoever was going to be so rude as to interrupt her bath can wait just a little bit longer. When she was at the final step the door just swung open and she was face to face with Dominic the last person on earth she wanted to see at that present moment.

All Allison wanted to do at that moment was use all her strength to push Dominic out the door and slam the door in his face. Instead she decided to take the high road and calmly ask him “what are you doing here? You’re the one who left, the one who took all his stuff and moved out.”

“I simply came back to make sure that you were okay, you seemed a little angry on the phone and I didn’t want any hard feelings between the two of us.”

“You bet I was angry, still am. How could you think there wouldn’t be any hard feelings between the two of us you just up and left! If you don’t hand over your keys and walk out the door right now I will find a way to push you out the door.”

“First, hold on a second I came back for one more thing, my car keys. Second, can’t we talk about this like the two adults we are?”

“Sure you can have your keys back, and no we can’t talk about this not in the state I am in emotionally we should talk right now unless you want to end up with a broken limb.”

Allison walks over to where she left the keys and throws them at Dominic’s head. “There you have your keys now you can leave.” With that she gives Dominic a last little shove and slams the door in his face.

Allison walks back up the stairs annoyed that her bath was interrupted, she pulls the plug on the tub and watches the water go down the drain. Once the tub is fully drained Allison walks over to her bed drops the housecoat and climbs into bed, to lazy to put clothes on.

Sleep did not come easy this night for Allison no matter what she tried she couldn’t find a comfortable sleep position. Luckily Allison had some sleeping pills in her bedside table for situations just like this. So she opened the drawer took out the little bottle, opened it, popped one in her mouth, swallowed it and went back underneath the warm covers.

The next day Allison woke up at one in the afternoon feeling like she slept a lifetime, even though it was only ten hours. Walking to the kitchen Allison felt refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Realizing it was Sunday and she didn’t have to go to work until the next day Allison decided to make French toast for breakfast. After grabbing all the ingredients needed to make it, she started to prepare the food. While it was cooking in the pan, Allison walked around the house trying to find her cell phone hoping it was somewhere. Finally finding it in the couch cushions the last place she figured she would find it she realized she had seven missed calls and five voice mails.

Opening up her voice mail she braced herself for what was about to come. “Hi dear, it’s your mother, I was just calling to see how you were doing. Call me when you get this.”

The rest of the voice mails were either blank or her mother again. Sighing Allison closed her phone and set it down on the table. Allison figured she could call her mother back later, but right as she thought that her phone rang. Looking at her caller id she saw her mothers name flashing. Allison thought I guess I better answer it this time.

“Hello, Allison, how are you doing?”

“Could be better, Dominic moved all his stuff out and left.”

“That’s unfortunate hunny, I never did like him all that much.”

“Yes you made that very clear, every time you saw him. Is there another reason for your call?”

“No just been awhile since we have talked is all.”

“Okay well, I’m going to go I’ll call you later on in the week when I’ve figured things out a bit more I just don’t really want to talk about anything right now.”

“If you’re sure, call me if you need anything. You know I’m always here for you it doesn’t matter day or night.”

The next morning, Allison did not want to drag herself out of her bed for work. After pressing the snooze button five times Allison realized she should probably get ready as she didn’t want to be late. Getting out of bed, she headed towards her closet to figure out what suit she should wear today. The life of a secretary for a major magazine publication is never glamorous no matter what people say. “Do I go with blue, black, grey, sexy black or my favorite suit even though Dominic bought it for me.” Allison decided to go with her blue Chanel skirt suit. Now it was time for Allison to find the match pumps which were buried somewhere in a pile of shoes at the bottom of her closet. Finding them she took them out of her closet and set them beside her bed.

Getting ready was always the worst part of her morning she didn’t like to shower some days and today was no exception. Hopping into the shower Allison tried to make it as quick and painless as possible, which was very difficult today as she was in a sluggish mood. After leaving the shower she rubbed on some lilac body butter and hoped it would leave her with more energy. While applying her makeup she broke down and just started to cry for what reason she wasn’t sure as she accidentally hit her eye with the mascara wand. Either way she wasn’t to impressed with her emotions at that moment. Wiping away her tears she forced herself to stop crying and finish getting ready for work.

Once Allison was ready for work she walked outside to her own black Porsche with black leather interior. She loved to feel the engine hum under her feet more then in Dominic’s car. Gosh she thought I have got to stop thinking about him now he is not a part of my life anymore. Driving to work she hit the worst traffic of her entire life. This morning can not get any worse I’m going to be late for work and my boss is going to hate me even more now. The amount of problems that were piling up for Allison at this point were quite substantial when she thought about it. She lost her best friend, and if she didn’t get out of the traffic jam soon she was going to lose her job and make this her worst week ever. Twenty minutes later she was on her way to work with about ten minutes left to drive and five minutes to get there. Speeding a little on the way Allison made it to the building with a minute to spare. Walking up to her building Allison realized she didn’t care anymore how late she was going to be worse comes to worse she can blame it on the elevator. Which looked like it may actually be plausible as the elevator wasn’t there when she pressed the button to go up to floor sixteen.

On the elevator ride up Allison was getting more and more frantic just to get to her desk and get the workday over with. Along the way to her desk she said hello to her fellow secretaries and friends. Upon reaching her desk Allison could see the flashing lights of the voicemail, this was going to be one long day. After returning all the missed phone calls which occurred in the first five minutes of her workday she checked on her boss to make sure everything was set for the day ahead and to let her know she had a phone call on line one. Allison was always jealous of her boss Jaqueline, wishing she had her job and could be the style editor. All the free swag that came to Jaqueline that people wanted her to write about was crazy.

After returning what felt like a thousand phone calls it was finally lunchtime. After conference calling her work buddies Mia, Ava, Sofia, and Max for an emergency lunch meeting they decided to meet at the café down the street.

They all met at their usual table in the back away from all the glares and dirty looks from all the dirty patrons who were dining around them regarding all their gossiping. Max ordered the usual bottle of white wine and the waiter went to fetch it.

Ava looked around the table before she began to speak “who has the first topic we should discuss today?”

Allison wanted to speak but Mia beat her to it. “I think we should order first before we start to talk.” They chatted a bit about random subject then the waiter came back with their wine, and to take their orders.

Mia and Sofia ordered the garden salad, tomato basil vinaigrette on the side. Allison decided to be daring for once and ordered the mushroom and swiss burger with lots of salad to balance out the hamburger. Ava ordered the soup of the day and when the waiter asked if she wnted anything else she snapped back “that’s all!” Max ordered the salmon with spicy rice.

Once the waiter left Allison decided she better beat everyone to the punch otherwise they won’t be happy that she didn’t talk first. But as soon as she opened her mouth and started to speak, “I would like –“ Ava said “Is it okay –“ they both just stopped and looked at each other neither telling the other to go first.

Max seeing the situation said “Allison why don’t you go first and then Ava you can go after as both seem important to talk about.”

Allison sighed before she launched into something she told herself she didn’t want to talk about anymore but these were her best friends. “Well what happened is that Dominic took all his belongings out of the house and basically left me. I don’t know what to do with myself but I’m trying to live my life like normal and not let it bother me.” Looking around the table at the shocked faces Allison was trying to hold back tears not wanting to cry in such a public place. This was the worst situation Allison had ever been put in and crying did not seem like the answer which is why she barely ever cried people nicknamed her cold hearted when really she had the biggest heart of anyone she ever met.

Sofia had to take her jaw from off the floor but when she did she said “How, how could he do that to you?”

Allison replied “Well easily I believe, he had things all planned out if he didn’t think there was a reason to leave he wouldn’t have planned to stay at Jessica’s place. The silly part is I was planning on leaving him that night. I couldn’t take living with him anymore. The late lonely nights, wondering when he would climb into bed. I knew that would happen, having a doctor as a husband but I thought maybe this time it would be different, he wouldn’t stay late or if he did stay late he would find ways to make it up to me.”

“Obviously he didn’t otherwise you wouldn’t be in this situation. I can’t believe you were planning on leaving him though. Why weren’t we told about this before? We are your best friends, you would think that is something friends talk to each other about.” Ava inquired about.

“It was more of a recent development that just came to me overnight as I finally realized the life I was living was not the life I had envisioned for myself and I needed a change. If I had realized this earlier I would have told you guys for sure you guys need to know that.”

With that the food arrived and everyone got down to eating before they would bring up the situation again. Max was being surprisingly quiet about this situation. Allison was curious “why are you being so quiet about this? You never have liked Dominic, now that I think about it no one really like Dominic I should have taken that as a sign that he wasn’t right for me.”

“The reason I’ve been quiet about this is because I think you got what you had coming for you, yes your right Dominic is not my favourite person ever. In terms of you leaving him I wish you could have to show that smug bastard that he can’t get away with treating everyone like dirt.”

“Well we haven’t really accomplished much in terms of my situation, maybe we should talk about Ava’s situation.” Allison hoped they would move on.

“We could but it took so long to talk about your situation that our lunch break is over in ten minutes by the time we pay and get back to work our lunch will be over. It’s not a big deal guys.”

On the way back to work Allison pulled Ava aside to apologize about not being able to talk about what was on her mind.

“Don’t worry about it Allison, really. It’s not a big deal, I can deal with it on my own.”

“Well if your really sure but if you ever need anything just call, really I am always here for you it doesn’t matter the time of day.”

“Thanks Allison, I know I can always count on you. I don’t think I’ll need to take you up on that offer but thanks.”

Making their way up the steps to the building they both paused for a second before breaking the barrier of the outside doors and making their way to the bank of elevators. The elevators came too quickly for Allison who did not want to get back to work her head just wasn’t in working anymore.

Friday did not come fast enough for Allison. She had planned during the rest of the week to take two weeks off and take a very last minute vacation down south to Cabo San Lucas to soak up the sun and get some much needed relaxation in. Instead of getting ready for work Allison decided to play hooky and call in saying she came down with the flu overnight and wouldn’t be coming in. Allison figured Jaqueline can work one day without her, nothing major could happen in one day could it?

Allison didn’t have time to worry about it her flight left in 12 hours and she hadn’t started packing. “What to take, what to take.” Allison mused to herself. Looking at her bathing suits she realized that none of them really worked for this trip. Allison needed to make a quick stop to Bloomingdales before she could leave. Instead of leaving right away to get the bathing suits Allison decided to pack the rest of her clothes to see what else she needs to replace or get in general. In packing the rest of the clothes she realized she didn’t need any other clothes, the weather in Los Angeles guarantees that everyone had all the clothes needed to be able to survive a vacation in the Caribbean.

Hopping into her Porsche Allison drove down to the nearest Bloomingdales. Parking was a pain, Allison forgot how hectic it was on Fridays at any shopping mall. Walking to the mall Allison almost got hit three times, sometimes she couldn’t understand why LA drivers were so impatient and couldn’t walk the extra ten feet it took to find a reasonable parking space.

Finally making it to Bloomingdales, and the swimsuit section, Allison looked around and noticed that the selection today was perfect so many options. Selecting a few that caught her eye right away she made her way to the dressing rooms. After trying on a few and checking herself out in the mirror to make sure all the blemishes she wanted to hide about her body were hidden she made her choices. Allison decided to go with a blue and white polka dotted bikini, a red g-string bikini she wasn’t that comfortable in but it made her look good. The third and final choice, was an all black bikini which was her safe option for the days she didn’t feel that confident. Allison thought three bikinis weren’t going to be enough but she couldn’t find any other ones that worked for her and she didn’t have anyone to impress. The ride back home was so uneventful it just made Allison want to leave the city even more then before.

When Allison finished packing it was four in the afternoon, her plane wasn’t supposed to leave for another five hours so she had an hour to kill before she had to leave for the airport in case there was traffic on the way there. Allison would rather be early then late but leaving now would be ridiculously early. Allison took a walk around the house and realized how lonely her life would be here. When Allison got back she was going to file for divorce and put their house up for sale. As much as she loved this house the memories that were attached to it were too much to handle especially at this time.

Allison called the cab company, and asked for a cab to pick her up at five at 677 South River Lane Road. Allison finally decided to sit and watch a bit of TV until the cab came seeing as she was all packed and ready to go. While flipping through the channels Allison realized that nothing was on. There weren’t any mindless shows or news programs on. Allison tried to relax and not think about anything but everytime she thought she might get a free moment of not thinking about anything she thought about her life and became more determined to have a good time.

After what felt like a lifetime the cabbie finally showed up. Taking her bags outside to the cab and telling him LAX airport American Airlines Allison got into the back. Allison was glad she called early there was a lot of traffic on the freeway, and Allison was worried she wasn’t going to make it on time for check in but somehow someone was on her side somewhere and she made it just in time.

Boarding took a long time, and it seemed like every family had a baby Allison saw five just in her area. This is going to be one long flight Allison thought to herself. Allison managed to nab an end seat but beat both of her seatmates to the row so she knew she had to get up for them hoping neither of them had a kid. Allison’s prayers were answered when a good looking short brown haired man sat down beside her and the window seat stayed empty. As soon as the flight attendants closed the doors and they were going down the runway Allison started to relax, even the emergency exit instructions didn’t seem to faze her. Turning to her seatmate Allison decided to break the ice by saying “Hi, how are you today?”

Her seatmate turned to her and smiled “Hello, I’m doing good, just a little nervous about flying, it doesn’t matter how many times I fly I still can’t get used to it. I’m Brian by the way and you are?”

“I’m Allison. I like flying I just don’t do it that often. Don’t worry your safe with me aboard.” Allison smiled hoping she was coming through as confident even though she didn’t feel it.

“Oh why thank you Allison, I really appreciate knowing I have someone to protect me beside me.”

Allison at this moment turned bright red without meaning to. Oh crap Allison thought now he is going to think I’m a loser. But it was at that moment the pilots got the go ahead to take off and the plane started to go faster. All of a sudden Brian was gripping the armrests and turning a weird shade of green. Without thinking Allison grabbed a barf bag and held it out for Brian just in case he needed it. Luckily once the plane got up into the air and leveling out Brian was fine and didn’t need the bag.

“Thanks so much for the barf bag as a just in case Allison.”

“No problem, anytime. Are you staying in Cabo San Lucas or are you flying on?”

“I’m staying in Cabo, at Melia Cabo San Lucas on Medano Beach, where are you staying?”

“I am actually staying in the same spot. What a coincidence.”

“Can I get either of you a drink?” The flight attendant asked at such a bad time for Allison.

Brian answered first, “Yes I would like a coffee two creams, one sugar thanks.”

Allison wasn’t originally going to get anything but she figured she would be rude if she didn’t get something now. “Can I just get a glass of water no ice please? Thanks.” Allison started to sip her water gently as to not make noise or spill it all over herself.

Brian pulled down the tray from the empty seat put his coffee on it and pulled out a newspaper and turned to Allison “Is it okay if I read the paper I don’t want to be rude and cut our conversation short.”

“It’s perfectly fine I actually have a book I can read anyway and I’m sure I will see you around the resort after all.” Allison then reached into her bag and pulled out Jane Eyre, a book she had always planned on reading just didn’t have the chance. The rest of the flight flew by as Allison got into the book and Brian was still busy reading the newspaper. When they started to decline into the airport Brian’s hands gripped the armrests again.

“You going to be okay?” Allison asked

“Yeah I should be alright the landing is always the worst for me.”

Allison held out her hand, “here hold my hand instead of the armrest, it might make you more comfortable.” Brian actually took her hand and seemed to relax a little bit.

“Did you want to share a cab to the resort? There is no point in us both taking separate cabs if we are headed to the same place.”

“Yeah that would be great.” Allison said with a smile trying to hide the fact that she was jumping up and down inside.

Down at baggage pickup Allison found her bags easily while Brian’s bags took a bit of time to get but finally they showed up as one of the last bags. Making their way to the taxi line Allison couldn’t help but notice the amount of females that were just staring at Brian like he was the only man around for a thousand miles. The taxi line moved fast much to Allison’s dismay she liked talking to Brian and didn’t want their time together to end. When they got to the resort Brian paid for the taxi and wouldn’t let Allison pitch in even just a little. “My treat.”

Checking into the resort took a bit of time it seemed they lost Brian’s reservations. Allison overhead after she got her room keys “I heard there isn’t a room for you, if you want you can stay with me, if that is okay with you”

“Works for me.”

“Great, I’m in Room 1412.”

As they walked towards Allison’s room, she couldn’t believe what she just did. Normally she didn’t do anything like that, but this is a new Allison and she could do anything she wanted.

Upon reaching the room Brian asked “are you sure about this it’s not to late to turn back if you don’t.”

Instead of replying Allison put the key into the door and walked into the most beautiful room she had ever seen. Allison ordered a suite but didn’t tell Brian that so she knew there would be tons of room. Brian walked in behind her and set the bags down. “Oh wow this is a beautiful view,” ignoring the room itself.

Finding the bed Allison laid down on top of it she didn’t care that Brian was still looking out the window Allison was tired and it was time for sleep. Brian finally turned and looked to see where Allison was. Finding her on the bed he said “I’m just going to sleep on this couch.”

Allison didn’t reply as she was already asleep more tired then she thought she was. Even though sleep came easy for Allison it was a lot harder for Brian to find. He couldn’t stop thinking about the generosity of Allison and how much he wanted to get to know her better. What felt like a lifetime to Brian who only got a little bit of sleep felt like a minute to Allison when she woke up ten hours later at nine with the sunshine pouring into the room. Brian did not wake up when Allison walked around to see how he was doing. He looked so uncomfortable on the couch but Allison didn’t want to wake him up for fear that he could not fall back to sleep even on a bed. So Allison went to the bathroom and took a shower. The moment the shower turned on Brian opened his eyes, to realize it was morning already. Sitting up Brian tried to get a kink out of his neck and back with no success so he tried standing and stretching which seemed to help his back but not his neck. Brian wanted breakfast so he changed into some fresh clothes and left a note for Allison telling her he was figuring out where to find breakfast and would be back as soon as he knew.

Unfortunately for him Allison took quick showers and was done in the shower only a few minutes after he left. Drying herself off Allison noted a weird empty vibe to the air, so she started to dry herself off more quickly. Putting on one of the hotels housecoats she opened the bathroom door to find Brian’s note. “Great” Allison said to the note and air around her. Instead of taking this as a negative Allison took the opportunity to get ready slowly. Heading to her suitcase she opened it and started rummaging around looking for the perfect outfit to wear. Nothing Allison had seemed right until she came across the polka dotted bikini. Finding the sarong to go over the bottoms was another question. Hoping she didn’t leave it at home Allison gave her suitcase another once over coming up very lucky. Allison wasn’t exactly sure if this was appropriate to wear to breakfast but she figured, they were at a beachside resort and in Cabo, she didn’t care what anyone else thought. After getting dressed and putting on her makeup Allison was in the middle of blow-drying her hair when Brian came back, with some food in hand. Spotting some fresh muskmelon, Allison’s eyes lit up. “Was it just a buffet style breakfast?”

“Yes, I wasn’t sure what you would like so I brought a little bit of everything. I also didn’t know if you drank coffee or not so I didn’t grab one but I am going back to grab myself one, is there anything I can grab for you while I’m down there?”

“Yes, I would like the biggest glass of orange juice you can find, and maybe some more fruit or an omelet if they have an omelet station? You know what give me two minutes and I’ll go with you.” Allison took a few pieces of muskmelon, and pineapple before continuing to blow dry her hair. Brian just nodded in reply.
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