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01:31pm 16/03/2010
Eventually I need to go but it's so hard to gooooo.   I have to do papers man i don't want to write them.  I'll just write them tonight I think even though I'll feel guilty about not doing them now and regret spending all this time not doing them.  But it's so hard to write them and my charger is downstairs which makes me even more not want to do it cause i'll get started and my computer will die.  That's it i'm not doing them until later.   I will force myself of doing it. I do not want to be procrastinating on this to much longer with three papers to write.
mood: stressedstressed
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11:25pm 16/03/2010 (UTC)
a.  ツ
eugh yes we have to go on thursday for sure. sorry about today, i am le idjit and sleep too much. like a frickin bear. and enviro paper, don't even get me started!
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11:39pm 16/03/2010 (UTC)
Lmao it's okay I sorta feel guilty about not going. I was going to go but then I thought I didn't have my student card so I didn't go. Lmao. Yeah I have 228 words written for it :P
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